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Associated Consultants

In an extremely dynamic world, no doubt, technology has become paramount & is making life easy for the common man.

We too fully understand the pain & suffering of patients and their kith & kin; especially the confusion when they are not satisfied with opinion or results of treatment and are frantically looking for a second opinion from a senior/experienced doctor to decide future course of action.

And, this 'second opinion' is not always easy & possible due to variety of reasons like distance, lack of time, inability of patient to be taken to the OPD etc.

Online consultation is our step towards this - making best opinion available universally, especially for old and feeble staying at far off places, small towns and looking for alleviation in their pain and misery.

We will try to give an opinion which will be objective and honest, and help you decide what is best for your patient.
With warm wishes

Dr. Sushil Sharma